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If you’ve been trying to have a baby
without success, WINFertility can help.

For 15 years, WINFertility has delivered outstanding results for patients struggling with infertility. Through the use of WINFertility’s various resources, patients have enjoyed improved pregnancy rates and maximized coverage through the most successful, cost effective treatments.

For members of the Windstream medical plan, WINFertility will assist in maximizing your insured benefit by explaining the most effective treatment options based on your individual treatment needs, helping select a high quality, in-network provider, and managing your infertility prescriptions to ensure you get the most out of your infertility medication benefit.

For members who have reached the maximum medical or prescription Windstream coverage and will need to pay out-of-pocket, the WINFertility Consumer Program can provide substantial medical and pharmacy discounts and access to high quality care delivered by a network of fellowship-trained Reproductive Endocrinologists.

Key features of the WINFertility Program include:

  • 24/7 access to education and emotional support provided by WINFertility’s Nurse Care Managers with decades of experience with infertility patients.
  • Guidance to help increase efficient use of hormonal medications to avoid wastage and the risks of over-stimulation.
  • Improved likelihood of successful outcomes through WINFertility’s evidence-based protocols, expert clinical advice, and treatment by qualified subspecialists.
  • Medical treatment and pharmacy savings of 10-40% off retail prices and financing options to make paying for treatment even more manageable.
  • Complimentary supply of folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects.

The WINFertility programs will also connect you with the existing maternity program once you become pregnant to ensure a healthy pregnancy and the healthy birth of your baby.

There is no fee to participate. Get started by calling 844-838-4868.


Now with the NEW WINFertility Companion App you can take advantage of your benefits on the go. Use Member Code: WDS16 when creating an account on the mobile app

With WINFertility, I can’t have a baby
turns into I believe that I can.