Utah Fertility Center

Utah Fertility Center’s mission is to help every patient achieve pregnancy in a setting filled with compassion, dignity and joy. As Utah’s premier fertility center, they focus on providing comprehensive, excellent, effective and affordable care.  Their dedicated team of professionals, led by board-certified reproductive endocrinologists, will help you build your family and guide you on your path to parenthood.  While the majority of their patients are able to conceive with minimal treatments, Utah Fertility Center’s IVF lab is among the top in the U.S., offering cutting-edge technology and impressive success rates.

Leading the team of reproductive endocrinologists are Russell A. Foulk, MD, HCLD, Third Party Reproduction Director; Shawn E. Gurtcheff, MD, MS, Medical Director; and Deirdre A. Conway, MD, Practice Director.  Dr. Foulk is a recognized as a leading fertility specialist around the world.  He believes one of the greatest joys in life is helping a couple find hope and build a family of their own.  Dr. Gurtcheff is dedicated to providing individualized treatment plans and supporting patients through the emotional journey to parenthood.  Dr. Conway is passionate about the cutting-edge nature of the field but never loses focus on giving every patient the highest chance of success.

The compassionate and skilled team of infertility specialists offer personalized care at four convenient locations in Utah and one in Idaho.  Its state-of-the-art embryology laboratory is among the best in the nation.  Utah Fertility Center is LGBTQ-friendly and provides complete family-building services, including donor sperm, donor eggs and gestational carriers. The Center also accommodates international patients.


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