Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine

For more than a decade, Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine has helped patients become parents by providing superior quality fertility treatment and personalized care in the most affordable way. JCRM’s excellent outcomes are a result of comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and appropriate use of the latest cutting-edge technology to achieve a pregnancy. Every effort is made to achieve a pregnancy utilizing the most conservative, least expensive and closest-to-natural means possible.

Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, JCRM’s skilled team of highly qualified, board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, laboratory, counseling and administrative personnel focus their attention on each individual patient. This method ensures that the ‘whole patient’ is treated and that fertility care is a personalized experience where patients are encouraged to be active participants in fertility treatment decisions. A truly unique component of the JCRM teamwork approach is the close coordination of care with each patient’s referring physician, further ensuring a continuum of care.

To offer greater convenience to patients, Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine has both Southside and Westside locations.

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Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine provides an entire menu of infertility diagnosis and treatment services for men and women. Conventional treatments and skilled surgical interventions, as well as advanced reproductive technologies including IUI, IVF and Donor Programs are available. JCRM also offers specialized services for those with Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOD), Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, or patients requiring Third Party Reproduction (Gestational Surrogacy, Donor Egg and Donor Sperm). There is also a comprehensive Mind/Body Program that includes psychological, nutritional and stress counseling to further assist those struggling with infertility.

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