Gago Center for Fertility

One of the only all-female reproductive endocrinology and infertility practices in the state of Michigan, Gago Center for Fertility is dedicated to bringing an unmatched level of understanding, compassion and results to their patients. Gago Center for Fertility strives to bring integrated, personalized care to women and couples throughout their reproductive journey.

Dr. L. April Gago, the medical director, founded Gago Fertility in 2007. She is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and former director of the IVF program at the University of Michigan. Dr. Gago was also director of the donor oocyte program and the fertility preservation program at the University of Michigan.

Gago IVF has a state-of-the-art embryology laboratory which now offers oocyte vitrification (egg freezing.) Gago Wellness, located next door to the Center for Fertility, provides alternative treatments including acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and meditation for a holistic approach to infertility.

With three convenient locations, Gago Center for Fertility provides comprehensive, customized care to patients on their journey to parenthood.

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