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violaViola believes that educating patients about fertility as they enter treatment is one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. She has more than 10 years of nursing experience, including three years as an IVF nurse at New York University and three years as an IVF coordinator at Columbia University’s Center for Women’s Reproductive Care. Viola is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from New York University.

“I love helping couples find happiness through bringing life into the world,” Viola says. “I’ve learned it’s always important to listen and to allow the patients to voice their concerns and frustrations.” Viola understands the emotional upheaval many couples go through during fertility treatment, and she points out that treatment can be difficult for men, too. She especially remembers one couple she worked with.

“I knew a female patient that suffered from anxiety and depression,” Viola says. “Her husband had a difficult time with blood draws because he was traumatized as a child. I met this couple in one of my IVF education classes and I was able to be there for them throughout everything.” “Everything” included coaxing the husband to finally come in for his blood work once he felt ready, and being there for the couple when they found out via pre-genetic screening (PGS) that all of their embryos were abnormal. “I was there for them when they started IVF again for the second time, resulting in one normal embryo,” she said. “I was there when they started their cycle, and I was there to call them with their positive pregnancy test. I was able to be with this couple from the beginning and to partake in making their life changing dream come true.”

Viola says one of the best things WIN does is to help educate women about fertility. She advises patients to do their research. “Knowledge is power, especially when it is related to your care,” she says.

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