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TheresaTheresa is a highly trained women’s health nurse practitioner and has been working in women’s health for more than nine years, including WINFertility and the Columbia University Center for Women’s Reproductive Care. She holds a BS in nursing from Long Island University and a master’s degree in nursing from Emory University.

At WINFertility she is respected for her knowledge and her compassion for patients. She is also admired for her fashion sense and her large shoe collection! In addition to her work as a FertilityCoachSM Nurse, Theresa is a dedicated soccer mom and participates with her kids in school activities and programs.

As an IVF RN Theresa helped patients through the course of their fertility treatments, coordinated their care and monitored them. She is sensitive to the emotional anguish of infertility. When Theresa was working at a fertility clinic she happened to become pregnant. She wore lab coats and tried to be unobtrusive about it. One patient noticed she was pregnant. Theresa was concerned because “I knew how hard it was for patients to see someone else who was pregnant when they are trying so hard themselves,” she said. The patient brought a gift on her next visit. And Theresa was elated when the patient became pregnant herself.

“I love the fact that science has advanced so much that now we are able to help more people achieve their dreams of having their own biological children,” Theresa says. “There will be ups and downs in the process, but patients should know that we have doctors and nurses to provide support and knowledge when they need it.” She is excited about the new avenues that have opened up with egg freezing and selective embryo transfer.

Theresa appreciates working with a clinical team of nurses so knowledgeable in the fertility field. The entire team of nurses and the Medical Advisory Board have decades of comprehensive experience with infertility treatments.

“We can provide the best care for our patients, as well as our providers,” she says. “We understand where they are coming from. We have all been there in the clinical field.” Theresa is a compassionate presence for the patients she works with at WINFertility.

“I’ve learned that even though we rarely meet our patients face to face, they rely on us to provide them support during this highly emotional time and appreciate when we can be that voice of comfort for them,” she says.

In addition to family activities, Theresa likes to watch home renovation shows on TV and to redecorate her house. She volunteers through her church and is a class mom at her daughter’s school.

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