The Center for Reproductive Medicine

While celebrating 20 years of helping to build families throughout Alabama, Mississippi and the Gulf Coast, Drs. George Koulianos and George Inge remain committed to providing the latest in cutting edge research and technology, blended with compassion and humanity for each of their patients. This is the same combination of high standards and caring that have enabled The Center for Reproductive Medicine to help create over 3200 babies for patients who have struggled with infertility.

Dr. Koulianos opened the doors to CRM in 1993 after serving as Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at University of South Alabama. He completed his fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Tulane Medical School and the University of South Alabama. Dr. Inge, a native of Alabama, completed his residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC, and then held the positions of Chief Microsurgeon and Chief OB/GYN at the 130th Station Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. Dr. Inge achieved additional experience in Advanced Reproductive Technology at the Bourne Hall Clinical Fellowship in Cambridge, England, the facility that achieved the world’s first IVF birth.

In concert with comprehensive training, the physicians bring a unique perspective that serves as a cornerstone of the CRM practice philosophy: Patients undergoing infertility treatment at CRM should receive both Healing and Curing – healing of the emotional and psychological pain usually associated with infertility and curing of the causes of infertility. Overwhelmingly, patients receive both, as evidenced by Center for Reproductive Medicine’s consistently excellent success rates and clinical outcomes.

Drs. Koulianos and Inge lead an entire team of talented and dedicated infertility professionals including certified laboratory and embryologists, experienced infertility nurses and clinical staff and knowledgeable, compassionate patient and financial counselors. Based on discussion, testing, diagnosis, and a thorough understanding of the patient’s emotional and financial goals, patients and the CRM team create a customized treatment plan designed to achieve the best possible results.

Conveniently located on the grounds of the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center, the Center for Reproductive Medicine is the largest fully accredited, state-of-the-art fertility center in the region. CRM has locations in Montgomery, Dothan and Gulf Breeze, Florida, serving patients throughout central and southern Alabama and Mississippi, along the Gulf Coast, across northwestern Florida and beyond.

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The Center for Reproductive Medicine provides a complete menu of infertility testing, diagnosis and treatment services for men, women and couples. Conventional treatments, minimally invasive laparoscopy, as well as advanced reproductive technologies including IUI, IVF, ICSI, Egg, Embryo Freezing and Oocyte Freezing and Third Party Reproduction Services (Donor Egg Banking and Embryo) are available. CRM offers complete programs for Endometriosis, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, Fertility Preservation and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Specialized services for those in need of genetic evaluations, PGD/PGS are also available.

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