Reproductive Gynecology, Inc

Helping you have the baby you want while maintaining your comfort and trust is the mission of Reproductive Gynecology, Inc. Its founder and medical director, Dr. Richard W. Moretuzzo, has spent more than 20 years at the forefront of reproductive endocrinology, as a clinician, researcher, educator and leader.

Reproductive Gynecology is home to a team of reproductive health professionals with decades of combined experience. Dr. Moretuzzo works closely with colleagues Dr. David Nash, Dr. Priya Maseelall, Dr. Stephen Mooney, and Dr. Akas Jain, all of whom are board-certified reproductive endocrinologists. They lead a dedicated team of fertility nurses and embryologists who provide patients with the finest care in IVF. Working together, the Reproductive Gynecology team has helped thousands of couples make their dreams of a family come true.

Reproductive Gynecology provides office-based care, which means all evaluations, monitoring and IVF procedures are performed on-site in a setting customized for infertility patients and their treatment. This allows the team to provide exceptionally personal care, control quality and maximize the benefits of having labs and procedure rooms nearby to give patients the best possible results. Every patient who consults Reproductive Gynecology receives an in-depth education, guidance throughout their decision making process, and support including the services of a licensed psychologist.

Reproductive Gynecology Laboratories (RGL) offers comprehensive, state-of-the-art, reproductive laboratory services, including assisted reproductive technologies (ART.) Laboratory services are available seven days a week. Offices are conveniently located throughout the region to serve the nearly 2 million residents of the Akron, Canton, Westerville and Youngstown areas.

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Fertility evaluation, reproductive surgery and tubal reversal, IUI, IVF, ICSI, assisted hatching, PGD, donor eggs, andrology laboratory, genetics and ovarian cancer screening, recurrent pregnancy loss.

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