Shady Grove- Georgia Reproductive Specialists

With over 100 years of combined experience, the team of reproductive endocrinologists and embryologists at Georgia Reproductive Specialists has helped thousands of infertility patients become parents.

Their reputation for patient-centered fertility care and clinical success has been built on a strong philosophical foundation:

  • Provide the best possible fertility care for each individual patient and their unique needs
  • Ensure that services are delivered by a highly trained and experienced medical team who are involved with the latest innovations and technology advances in fertility treatment
  • Create a calm, comfortable and caring environment for patients struggling with infertility with attention paid to the clinical, emotional and financial aspects of treatment options

For over a decade, GRS has been a ‘center of choice’ for patients and has grown to four conveniently-located offices in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

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Georgia Reproductive Specialists provides the entire menu of infertility diagnosis and treatment services for men and women. Conventional fertility treatments and interventions, as well as advanced reproductive technologies including IUI, IVF and donor egg programs are available. GRS has expertise in treating patients with PCOS, endometriosis and recurrent pregnancy loss. PGD testing is also available. For male infertility treatment, GRS works collaboratively with recognized urologists to perform TESA, PESA and vasectomy reversals.

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