Alyssa, Behavioral Health Care Manager

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Alyssa manages WIN’s Behavioral Health Program, and has been working in the fertility behavioral health field for over a decade. With an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Binghamton University, and a graduate degree in Social Work from Columbia University, she is well equipped to assist patients with the grief and bereavement issues that so often accompany infertility.

Unlike other grieving patients, Alyssa says that, fertility patients often suffer alone, keeping their grief private. She loves the work, because she knows that she can help, and serve as a trusted resource in the patient’s journey. “It feels good to be there, supporting a patient, during a time when others might not know the individual needs that extra support.”

Alyssa’s words of wisdom:

Be kind to yourself. An infertility journey can be an extremely frustrating one. Remember to show yourself some compassion when things are difficult.