Fertility Management Solutions for Health Plans

Improved quality of care and reduced costs.

Comprehensive Fertility Care Management That Drives Costs Down

WIN’s proprietary clinical protocols drive better outcomes. Better outcomes mean safer pregnancies for your members, and cost savings for your plan.

  • Benefit management
  • Medical Case management
  • Provider profiling and patient navigation
  • Pharmacy management (dosing and formulary)

For more than 2 decades, WIN’s evidence-based protocols have been encouraging the most efficacious treatments, improving member outcomes.

Learn more about WIN’s inclusive family-building benefit solutions for health plans.

WIN Solutions

WIN Offers a wide range of contracting options from full-risk capitation, including medical and pharmacy networks, to risk-based administrative fees. Contact a specialist today to discuss what we can do for your health plan.

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Prior Authorization to Guarantee Efficiency

WIN’s Nurse Care Managers, are the heart of our program. Our nurses connect directly with your members and help them navigate their fertility journey. Providing clinical oversight through prior authorization on every treatment cycle ensures that only the most appropriate treatments are performed. Medical and pharmacy authorizations are linked to ensure that no drugs are dispensed without an approved medical treatment cycle. Meet our nurses.

Meet Our Nurses

Managed Care Patient Journey

Member & Provider Satisfaction

WIN is focused on improving clinical outcomes, and it shows in our annual satisfaction rates.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Members

Administrative Ease

Infertility services are high cost, but low volume. This means that there is a short implementation time, and savings will accrue quickly. WINFertility’s flexible, purpose-designed systems enable customization for health plans as well as ASO clients. Take advantage of our already established interfaces with multiple PBMs.