4 Tips to Help Employees Understand Their Family-Building Benefits


So your company has decided to offer family-building benefits to your employees.  That’s wonderful!  You’re demonstrating that employees matter, families matter, and your company cares about them.  Family-building benefits help you hire and retain critical team members in a competitive jobs marketplace.

It’s important to inform your employees about these benefits and help them understand how to use them.  Here are four tips on how to communicate family-building benefits to your employees.

Step 1:  Clearly Communicate Benefit Offerings

Family building, and fertility treatment in particular, can include complicated benefit structures.  Make sure your HR team understands what your company is offering, and can explain it clearly.  It’s important to describe all the benefits in a way that’s accurate and easy to understand.  Be sure to include any offerings in addition to fertility treatment, such as surrogacy or adoption, if applicable.  Any communications should emphasize who to contact for more information.

Step 2:  Communicate Through Multiple Channels

Not every employee reads the company newsletter.  Especially on a topic as personal and emotional as infertility, some may not want to come to a meeting about family-building benefits, while others may like the personal touch of a small group session.  Use a variety of means to reach out and communicate the benefit offerings.  Here are some ideas.

  • Distribute a flyer summarizing the benefits, with contact information to get details.
  • Include the benefits in your company internal newsletter.
  • Hold town hall meetings on the benefit offering.
  • Individual Lunch and Learn sessions can be an informal and friendly way to spread the word.
  • Make sure the family-building benefits are part of any personalized dashboards your HR team creates for employees.

Step 3:  Make Employees Feel Valued

Communicate often about the benefit offerings, and make sure employees understand that the company is doing this because it values what employees care about.  Your company knows that having a family is extremely important to many people.  You want to attract and retain talented employees, and family building benefits are key to recruitment and retention.  You’re offering this because you value your employees and the lives they want to lead.

Step 4:  Be Mindful of the Difficulties of the Journey

Some employees may already be on a difficult family-building journey.   Others are just taking the first steps and are worried about what this may entail.  It can be a demanding journey, often likened to a roller coaster ride of emotions, and stressful physically, emotionally and financially. Providing family building benefits helps you give employees peace of mind that there is emotional and financial support for their fertility treatment, and, if they need them, other options to build a family like adoption and surrogacy.  HR staff needs to be sympathetic to their needs and direct them to additional resources that might help them through their journey.

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